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Read Buisier's letter again Mr. Elharati

To: Mr. Lamin F. Elharati,

After reading your letter answering Mr. Mohamed Buisier's letter, I really wonder if you understood what was written in it. I would like you to point to me where you read that Mr. Buisier wanted Libyans to engage in a seminar and I quote you, "And now, after thirty years, Mr. Buisier expresses his desire that the Libyan people engage in a seminar or discussion about The Green Book." I think that Mr. Buisier's point was, why didn't Gaddaffi take that initiative 25 years ago and discussed his beliefs with us Libyans. Qaddaffi had the chance to make us, Libyans, rally behind him the same way we all did in Sept 1969. He came to power without one gun fire shot. But he deviated from that path and totally ignored what Libyans want.

Not only that, but you also tried to raise question marks around Mr. Buisier when you wrote, "Mr. Buisier must have hidden motives for this subterfuge, and I hope the future will expose what these motives are." I think your level of understanding hasn't reached this level of political awareness. I think that Mr. Buisier is taking a very brave step by tackling an issue that has affected all of our lives. He is not talking about Mickey Mouse or Tom and Jerry, he is bisecting the written thoughts of a person who is responsible of our miseries. By doing so, he is putting his life on the line. The sad thing is, nowadays, it is very hard for us to believe that anyone would take such a step. We tend to hide, attack others, and think that this is bravery.

Then I read in your post that you refuse to discuss the green book. So can you explain to me what are you doing in this next paragraph?

"The Green Book is totally bogus and pretentious. It claims to be the ultimate solution to the democratic, economic, and social problems for humankind. However, when the book is not stating the obvious, it offers twisted logic to justify Qaddafi's dictatorship. At best, the book only represents the thinking of a child. Qaddafi dares to characterize democracy as dictatorship because a majority may "dictate" to a minority, or in cases where there are more than two candidates, a minority may dictate to other minorities. He calls this "dictatorship," but fails to mention that, in a free country, such a balance of power is soon altered by forthcoming elections." To discuss means to talk and state your opinion about something or things. In your last paragraph, you were discussing the green book. Sorry to tell you, Mr. Buisier's argument is much deeper and more interesting.

Once again you accuse Mr. Buisier of things he didn't write nor say. I urge you to read the letter again and again until you comprehend the real points in Mr. Buisier's letter. The next quote from your letter shows that your Arabic is not of any quality. Otherwise you wouldn't come up with a fake and unjust accusation against him. "Conducting a dialogue or seminar on The Green Book, as Mr. Buisier suggested, would be diversionary and totally counterproductive. It would divert our attention away from the true issues we are facing. Such a seminar would be a complete waste of time."

And finally, Mr. Harati, your last paragraph is a complete joke. When a person writes good Arabic, you say he is showing off and that he is looking to be classified as such and such. Let's say that his Arabic wasn't as good, would you have let it go by without any comments. No way Mr. people like you are the ones who are looking to be branded or classified one way or another. If you think that you did any good by throwing accusations around and trying to make a name for yourself, then you are wrong. Your letter is just a letter that expresses your feelings. But it is very shallow and weak. Your negative writing about the regime and Gaddaffi is what we all feel. You brought nothing new. I suggest that you find a topic about anything and try to analyze it. Then do your best writing it so it would catch the interest of some of us. I advise you not to attack anyone. This is not politics my friend, this is trash. And if you think that I'm attacking you, you are wrong, I'm only advising you.

'Eiz El Din El Mahdi

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